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26 février 2016


As part of the opening of CITECH ( Centre for Innovation and Technology), Eurosity launches  Eurosity Awards, the Sino-French contest of entrepreneurship.

This competition is open to entrepreneurs, Chinese and French startups, students and other project developers developing or wishing to develop a project in China or France.

Candidates may submit their presentations between late March and June 2016. The winners will be selected by the current jury July benefit from incubation and free accommodation within Eurosity, privileged access to the platform Eurosity financing, special devices to participate in China * business travel.

This operation is conducted in cooperation with the Embassy of the People's Republic of China by French Republic; the Association of Chinese Engineers in France (IAAH) the Chinese Association for Overseas Business Creation (ACECE), the Franco-Chinese Friendship Association of ParisTech (AFCP) the crowdfunding platform Raizers and Serrinov Investment.

* Special conditions will be specified in the call for applications.

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